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When Only The Best Is Good Enough

Our Espresso Machines

“I never drink coffee at lunch.  I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon. ”        Ronald Reagan


Italy has a long and distinguished history of producing espresso coffee machines. Seeing as they invented the method this is only to be expected.  Gaggia, La Pavoni and others all make excellent machines capable of producing exquisite coffee.  We use models from the  Faema Due range. The coffee they produce is probably no better or worse than the other major manufacturers, the machines themselves however have 2 important points in their favour. Firstly Faema machines are renowned for their reliability, indeed it was once said that Faema’s main competitor was Faema!  It is quite normal to see machines from this manufacturer working happily for 20 years or more.

Secondly, the machines we operate have been adapted to allow their use when necessary from a standard household socket. Normally we provide a generator to power the espresso machine (commercial machines require between 18 and 30 amps), but in some venues this isn’t possible. The Faema Due can be downrated for these occasions. The coffee production is unaffected by this, although it may limit the amount of tea we can produce, this is easily solved by using a seperate catering boiler if large quantities of tea are required.