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When Only The Best Is Good Enough

I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee.             Flash Rosenberg

Coffee Crazy Catering Services

One of our coffee carts makes an ideal accompaniment for your special event. If its the launch of a new product at an exhibition or an open day at a car showroom, why not attract visitors with the aroma of freshly brewing coffee.  A uniformed barista on a traditional Victorian style cart makes a stylish visual impression adding to the display.  Our smallest range of carts measure just 4 feet 8 inches by 2 feet 8 inches (1.42 x 0.8 metres) meaning they can be sited almost anywhere.

A range of different drinks can be prepared to suit any taste, and the cart operator can dispense your sales literature etc with the drink.

With tastes in this country becoming ever more sophisticated, a fresh espresso cart works well at any social events, be it a party, corporate conference or even a wedding. Contact us for more details.

All of the coffee served on our carts is Fairtrade, one of the few ways individuals can  help develop a sustainable future for developing nations.